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Aug 28, 2018

Success means knowing what you are going to do, when, and for how long.

It means you do what you know you need to do, when you need to do it.

It means you control the game.


And it means you know the “why”!


Yet so many of us do not control the game and know the why.


So many of us are reactive instead of proactive.


We start the day with good intentions, but we never finish it that way.


Today I want to examine 3 keys to help you in making this happen in your life.


If you want to take a look at our product, 90 Days to Your Success, just click the link below.



1/         What

            What are you going to do today?


This is the first part of our 90 days process - we help you build a plan for each week.

            This gives you a list of the things you are planning to do this week.

            Now each evening you look at the list and determine what things you are going to get done tomorrow.

            I know it sounds so simple – yet it causes pain for so many.

            If you have a meeting – no problem, they are easy.

            But if you have to get something done, could you do it another day?


            What are you going to do on this list and tomorrow?

            If for some great reason you actually do finish everything on your daily list, you can go back and get more stuff from the weekly list.


            When I asked Jane to do this, her response to me was simple, “I am going to go into the office in the morning, look at my list and see what I need to do.”  The success factor that we try and teach all of you is simply this - if you put the list together the night before, something happens as you sleep… you subconsciously plan it out.  Then you get so much more done.



            Action item:  Every evening, go through your weekly list and pick what you are going to do tomorrow.  Don’t pick too much, but be fair with yourself.


            If you have the 90 Days to Your Success program, this is very easy to do.



2/         When.

            When today are you going to do each of the things on your list?

            Scheduling the day seems to make people so uncomfortable.



            We all grew up with schedules.

            If you have ever been in the military, you understand this very well.

            If you have ever been an organized sports or arts participant, you know this very well.

            Why don’t you do it for your day?

            You do it for meetings.

            You do it for appointments.

            If you schedule your work the same way you schedule meetings, you will be amazed at what happens.  Also not just scheduling, but committing the time in your mind and on paper.


            You should have your day laid out and know exactly what you are going to do tomorrow and when you are going to do it.

            Yes, you might have to build in some catch-up blocks for the unexpected. Nonetheless, you still get most of it done.

            Stop saying you can’t.

            If you use our 90 Days to Your success Process – this piece is part of it.


            I ask Sam about doing this and he said, “but my day is so crazy that I would never stick to it.”  My response was, “you can get things done two ways, you control it, or someone else does.”  I don’t want anyone else controlling my day – do you?


            Assignment: for each day prepare schedule the night before and commit to it.



3/         Why

            Why are you doing it?

            This is the key to actually making this work for you.


            We fill our task list with all these things but many times we do not understand why we put them on there.  Then we leave them on there!

            It is key that for each thing on your list, you understand why you are doing it.


            Yes, it might be simply because the boss has to have it.

            However, many of you are working for yourself, so the only boss is you – hello?


            If you cannot find a reason for doing something, then dump it.

            If you use this process with your to-do list, you might just be surprised at how much of the list goes away.


            One key to effective time management is to do the highest priority items first.

            If you ask why, you might just get those priority items toward the top of the list.




            Again, when I asked Jean to do this to her list, she simply looked at me and said, “it is on my list so I have to do it, the why is because it is on my list.”  Don’t get sucked into this.  If it was important yesterday, that whole reason may be gone today.


            Your assignment:

            For your list, ask the “why” question for each item.

            You might be able to delegate it.
               Or better, dump it.


            The key is to help you get much more done.

            In one of our upcoming articles, we will be discussing how to make your 1-year goals in 3 90 Day to Your Success blocks.

            Then what would we do in the final one?

            That one is all profit.


            To learn more about 90 Days to Success, watch this video


            Go to this page.



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Aug 21, 2018

How much time goes into planning? Now, as you know, I am a strong supporter of planning, but only if it results in action.


Action creates results.

Strategy is important.

Tactics tell you how.

But if you are not getting this done, then what good is it?

You as the leader must make it happen; either you do it, or you have someone else do it.


I always say give me 2 people who can get it done and I will run circles around 10 thinkers.


I’ve been working recently with an amazing young intern who gets this principle and applies it in his work. P/T, he runs circles around full-time people. 


You see, it isn’t about what you are going to do – it is about what you do.


Today I have 3 points to help you start applying this and getting more done.


1/         Have a driving force.

            Something that makes you get up and no matter what, go forward.


            A goal.

            When I got out of the USMC I had one goal that I had to accomplish and I let nothing stand in my way or slow me down - get a degree in accounting (I know, I don’t seem like an accountant). I let nothing stop me from that goal. I got married, had a daughter and had a full-time job, but each day I got up with focus and took action.


What is that driving force in your life? Many times we lose it and then wonder why we are not doing more.


Assignment: Define that goal in your life.



2/         Love what you do.

            Notice I did not say do what you love!

            Some will never get there. 

But if you look at it and love it, you will do it so much better.


            I messed up when I was a young high school kid working at the local tree nursery. I had a great job supervising a team that was picking weeds, then got myself in trouble and ended up trimming trees and digging plants. Unless you have done that in the hot summer, you will never know how hard it is.


            But at the end of the summer my boss, a real tough guy, said to me, “You are an amazing worker. You are the only kid I ever worked with that got so much done and worked so well.”

            You see, I loved what I did and did it well. Surely it was not what I loved, but I made myself love it.


Assignment:  Start loving what you do and do it so much better.



3/         Take control.

            Every day you know what you are going to do and then you do it.

            Don’t make excuses.

            I get interrupted all the time – guess who lets that happen?

            Close your door.

            Work from home.

            Get out of the office and go to the local coffee shop.


            Are you leading or are you bleeding?


            Excuses are – never mind.


            Assignment: Find something you have been giving up control on and take it back.



We all need to stop letting things get in our way – and get done today what we planned to do.


Take back control.

Do what you said you were going to do.

Make a commitment to YOU!


Now, I hope this has fired you up. Some of you I might have just made mad. Get over it.


We have a great new tool that can help you make this happen in your life, business and career.

90 Days to Your Success.

Learn more by clicking the link below.

Aug 13, 2018

Are you ready to double your sales?

Are you ready to double your profit?

Are you ready to take your business to the next level of success?



Let’s start today by looking at the first 5 keys that you need to look at to make this happen.


1/        WHO!

            Who are you are selling to?

            Don’t tell me everybody, because that really means nobody.


            How well have you defined your target market?

            Sales volume, number of employees, position, age, sex, income?

            In answering, the ‘who’ has to be very tight.

            In fact, the tighter your ‘who’ is, the greater your opportunity to double your sales.


            Action:  Sit down and create a very tight list of the ‘who’, defined as clearly as you can.


2/        WHAT!

            What is it that you are selling?

            I know you might think this a crazy question, but so many people cannot put it in terms that I, as the potential buyer, need to know.

            If I, as the potential buyer, cannot understand the what – then am I ever going to buy?

            You might sell many things, but what is your key product?


            If you sell insurance – which type is the lead product?

            If you sell computer support – which is the lead service?

            If you sell printing – what is your lead product?


            Action:  Sit down and create a priority list defining what you sell.


3/        WHERE!

            Geographically, where are you targeting your business?

            I could say I sell worldwide.

            But I do not market what I offer worldwide.


            Especially today, with local marketing on the web, this is critical to generating the greatest value from your investment.

            Most people don’t think about this, but you should.


            Action: Determine the answer.


4/        HOW!

            Now this is the one that takes all the work.

            Do you have a sales process?

            From initial contact to close and beyond.

            Is it documented?

            Have you tested it?


            This is where most entrepreneurs make one of their biggest mistakes.  They try and bring in a sales rep before they even have a sales process.  Then, they wonder why it did not work.


            Action: Build a process.  You can do the initial one yourself, in just very simple terms, then get some help in.  This is one of the things we do for your clients.


5/        WHY

            Why are you selling this product/service?

            This is the WOW!

            Why should I, as the buyer, get excited?

            Are you as the seller excited?

            Can you really tell me, with passion, why I should buy this product?


            Forget need – people don’t buy what they need – they buy what they want.

Aug 6, 2018

The 90 days to you success process is a new way of looking at your life. 


Are you ready to learn how to give yourself less time and achieve tremendous results?


Are you ready to learn how to be distracted far less?


Are you ready to things done regardless of the roadblocks?