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Sep 22, 2020

Join us as we talk with SEO expert Mr. John Vuong on how to help your business to grow.  Getting more leads.  Getting more people to your site using SEO as the primary tool.

Sep 15, 2020

You start your day – do you have your priorities for the day?

The things that you want to do

The things you want to accomplish and

By 830 you already got sucked into everyone else’s priority

And from 830 until the end of the day, you are working everyone else’s priority.

But what about you?

What happens to yours?

Sep 1, 2020

An outstanding leader must have the ability and discipline to decide effectively, timely, and correctly.


The reason most people never become outstanding leaders is because the higher you go in an organization, the faster you need to be able to make decisions. Usually, this is also with less information and resulting in a greater impact.

Aug 25, 2020

Expect to close the deal – done.

Expect great performance from your team – get it.

Expect to be successful and you will be successful.


No – it is not easy.

Expectation leads to doing, sharing and pushing.

It is hard work and requires consistency.

But the results are amazing.


Those who follow my stuff know I am a huge proponent of expectation in all my coaching work.  When I hire a person, I lay out in detail my expectations of her/him and his/her expectations of me or the company we are hiring them for.

In writing.




There is no room for “I thought.”

Everything is documented, so there are no gray areas.


Expectations require you to do 3 things to make them work.

Today, let’s take a look at them in a little detail.

Aug 18, 2020

Take a few moments to think about the day and what has transpired.

Reflect on the week and understand it better.

You will be amazed at what happens when you reflect.


We run so fast in life that so much of the important stuff, that you see when you reflect, just passes us by.

What if, we took a few minutes?

We might just see what so many of us miss – that something that could change our lives.


Today I want you to start using reflection in your life and watch with amazement what happens.


Three simple things you can do that I guarantee will change your and will change your life.

Aug 11, 2020

Are you hiring the right players or you are settling for the ‘OK’ people?

Are you looking for people who are going to take your organization to the next level or you are just filling in with warm bodies?


Today, post-pandemic, we have seen some different things going on with employees.

Some are not coming back.

Some because they are not ready, and some because you no longer need them.


Perhaps you have decided that the person has not performed well for a really long time.  You ask yourself, “Do I really need to bring them back into the organization at this point or any point?”

Those are the kind of things that are happening when it comes to employees in today’s world.

Jul 31, 2020

Running a company in the 1-20 million-dollar world takes a huge amount of disciple, ability and time.  It can consume your life and also cause many issues. 


Yet the excitement and rewards of doing it right are amazing to you (the owner) and to those who work with and for you.

But the cost of it not working correctly is a major issue that can cost you in health, money and time.


How are you doing running your company today?

Is it doing what you want it to?

Growing as you would like?

Do you have the income and time that you want and need?


Today, I want to share the 5 keys that we will be teaching on during the upcoming business challenge.  Each day will bring a new learning during this challenge.

Jun 30, 2020

Are you a worrier, or are you a warrior when it comes to building your business and your life?


Do you spend your time worrying about what is going to happen, or what is happening?  Are you a leader taking the reins and making things happen or thinking about them?


Are you a warrior or a worrier?


Today, I want to share 10 things that can help you move from being a worrier to a warrior.

May 19, 2020

What is the next step in getting your employees back to work once you have the OK from your state? 

What is the plan? 

How are you going to make it happens? 

What do you need to do to prepare for it?

May 12, 2020

The Question for All?

Once you get the all-clear about the virus, how will you move your teams back to physically coming into work every day?


Do you have a plan yet?


What are the issues that you are going to have to address?


The Key is to Prepare for What is Next!


Great leaders from the past have dealt with crisis's and dealt with them successfully.

From Abraham Lincoln and the stress of America coming apart.

To Nelson Mandela in prison for what many through was forever.

To Winston Churchill and the freedom of England.


All had to face great stress and all did it successfully.

But, of course, hindsight is always 20/20.


We are in Crisis Management Mode. 

It is a fact of life for your business today.


Today I want to share 5 key items you should be looking at going forward into the next month.

May 5, 2020

Ted, is one of the best in the business when it comes to Linkedin and lead generation.   On this podcast, he shares some amazing stuff with you the audience.  Must-watch episode if Linkedin is key to your business growth or if you think it might be.

Apr 28, 2020

Come and listen to my interview with VSA CEO Ms. Valerie Schlitt.  VSA is a leading company in the lead generation business.  Listen to how they are helping companies in this the time of the Coronavirus and what they see as post Coronavirus time. 

Apr 21, 2020

Listen as Bryan helps us understand how speaking can help you in the lead generation business.

He also takes time to help us understand some of the effects of the coronavirus on the speaking business.

Apr 14, 2020

Tom Antion joins me in discussing how to put a successful podcast of your own together. Tom is a very successful internet entrepreneur who makes it happen every day.  He shares some amazing keys to building a successful podcast with you.

Apr 7, 2020

I am coach Manny and as always excited to be here with you.

It is a tough time for all of us.

We can be tough, hard and all those things, but it is still stressful.

Let us help you with more tips today

Mar 31, 2020

Some great tips to help you and your team through this time of having to work at home.  Today we share the first 7.  Enjoy, use them and let them help you to be successful.  For more, check out our episode page on

Mar 27, 2020

This is day 3 of the training.  Today we are going to walk you through items 6-10i in the leadership training.   More detail and helping you be even better.

Mar 26, 2020

Coach Manny walks you through the first 5 techniques for great online management of your remote team. 

You have to make it work.

You know the tools and process.

Now listen as Coach Manny helps you to get there


Mar 25, 2020

So now you have gone from an environment where you meet together many days a week to an environment where you can’t.  An environment where you were face to face to an environment where you are using technology to communicate.


But you are a leader and leaders do what they need to do to make things happen. Leadership is personal development, team development and winning.  The environment has little effect other than to change the game moves a little bit. 


What has to change for you still to be an effective leader in an environment where people are remote.  Where there is fear.  Where they are not sure of what is going to happen next.


Today I want to look at some best practices for online leadership.  Over the next 2 days, we will explore some additional areas of leadership in this time of the coronavirus.


Here are 10 for you to start with.

Mar 24, 2020

Have you ever been to an event and met Joe Obnoxious? You cannot mistake him for anyone else. Joe comes up to you and just starts talking about what he does, how well he does it, and how you should do it with him.

Or what about Joanna Obnoxious, who starts talking to you and, while talking. she is looking all over the room to see who else is there, who might be more important than you. Then just after she asks you what you do, she excuses herself and takes off to see someone else.

The word that comes to mind is “obnoxious.”
The action that comes to mind is, “How can I stay away from this person and how can I keep her/him away from my friends?”

One of the biggest keys to success in speaking with people is listening and letting the other person talk. Ask questions, never assume you know anything. You saw these two people above, they did not follow any of these rules, nor did they understand the principles. They did not understand, “he who asks the questions controls the conversation.”

When you run into Mr. and Ms. Obnoxious, you simply say to them, “sorry but I have to go.” Then move away from them. Don’t worry about what they might think. By the time you get 10 feet away, they will already have found someone else to annoy.

Mar 17, 2020

Come and listen to Ben Gioia as he shares with you the tools and techniques you need to bring your book to reality. 

Ben is an expert and has helped so many people.  He is the man behind Influence With A Heart

If you have been thinking about the book, as so many have, this is the podcast for you to listen to.



Mar 16, 2020

It seems technology might be a great resource to keeping you and your team working and perhaps safe during this time of fear.


Are you ready to move your team to working remotely? 


Can this be done for your business?

Some businesses it cannot – but what can you do?


The great thing about this situation is that it is making us think of how we can use technology much more in our business.


Business may never go back to normal, but we must continue to do business.


What can you do to move your business team to working remotely?  Let’s look at 3 things that can help you in making this happen.  Yes, there are many more, but we have to start some place.


Mar 10, 2020

We all love to make cold calls, don’t we?


Forget that line that “cold calling is dead.”

Never buy into it.

If you cold call consistently, you will get appointments, and you will close business.


Cold calling is alive, and if used in conjunction with other tools, will increase your sales to phenomenal new levels of success.

Mar 3, 2020

Vision without action is daydreaming

Action without vision is a nightmare

Vision with action is beautiful reality.

From the Book, Beside Still Water.




Vision is the first sign you will see on the road to success.


It is big, it is bold, and it gets your attention.




Right now, close your eyes(unless you are driving or doing something that needs your attention) and just think about what you really want in life.  Don’t rush.  Take your time doing this, just let your mind wander into the future.


Where are you?

What does it look like?

What does it feel like?


Do this for a bit, then when you stop, write down everything you think is important. Then keep this for the future.


Feb 25, 2020

How can you use SEO in generating leads for your organization? Interview with Pearl Lemon CEO. Deepak Shukla.  Listen and learn some great stuff.

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