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Jan 17, 2019

Coach Manny Nowak helping you to define the processes to make 2019 your best year ever

Jan 7, 2019

These 5 will inspire, motivate and get you moving forward in your business.

Listen on a regular base.


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Dec 19, 2018

That sounds like those missing socks we all have to deal with.

You know when we hade 3 children at home, we once had 2 laundry baskets full of these lost socks.

I hope you are not losing leads that way.

I have one, but the other?


I also have seen, many times, people go to a show, get so many leads and are so excited, yet what happens to most of the leads?  They get lost.


In today's world with so much automation, the worst case should be that they get put into the wrong campaign and have to be correct.  But lost? Never!


Dec 12, 2018

Jane’s company has spent a great deal of time in developing a marketing process that creates effective leads for the sales team.

They have worked very hard to understand what a good lead is and how to generate it.

Their marketing process is in high gear.


Yet, today when they had a meeting with the director of sales and marketing, they found out that it took days and even weeks before the leads they generated were ever worked by the sales team?


Jane was very unhappy to hear this and you might say just a bit annoyed.


What good is the lead if it is that old?

“No good” is the common answer.


Today I want to answer 3 burning questions in the area of lead delay.


1/        Past leads have been terrible.


2/        CRM system either doesn’t exist or is not being used by sales.


3/        No one has defined what a sellable lead really is.



1/        Past leads have been terrible.

            It is the old story of how the leads that come in from marketing are terrible, don’t waste your time working them.

            There is a history of marketing sending over leads which were not really leads but rather just the names and contact information at companies that should be buying what we sell.




2/        CRM system either doesn’t exist or is not being used by sales.

            When I ask companies today if they have a CRM, many say yes.

            When I ask them if the sales team’s activity is driven by it, the answer is “I think so” or “I really don’t know”.

            First of all, if you are going to effectively distribute leads, then you need a technology, CRM system.

            Second, if your sales team is not using it, then you need to find out why and you need to get them aboard.

            Leads need to be in the hands of the salesperson within minutes of hitting your organization.  If they are not, then they go cold very quickly.  Some companies are amazing at what they can do.  You fill out a form online and within 5 minutes your phone rings.

            When a lead goes to a salesperson, they need notification that it happened and then they need to work it.  Email, Text, Call.  Whatever.


3/        No one has defined what a sellable lead really is.

            This is one of the great frustrations I have as a salesperson.

            What I think is a sellable lead has nothing to do with what is being sent to me by marketing.

            Sales and marketing have to sit down and define this to the maximum so that everyone is on the same page. 



Keys to success.

  Sit down with your sales and marketing teams and get them on the same page.

  Find out what you need to do to get sales using the CRM.

  Start delivering better leads.


Do this and your will be on your way to doubling your sales.


If you need help, simply connect with me.


Nov 26, 2018

Marketing and sales have been trying to work together effectively since time began.

Sometimes it works between them and sometimes it doesn’t.


Marketing has a primary function – to generate leads.


Sales has a primary function- to close those leads and turn them into sales.


Simple right.

Should work like the champion and yet it doesn’t.


Today we are going to start a 3 part series on how to get better, stronger and longer lasting results from your sales and marketing process and close this disconnect.


Today we will examine disconnect number 1

“The leads that are generated by marketing are not sellable leads.”

Nov 16, 2018

People have asked me so many times about how to work a list of leads and get results?
Nowadays, the latest information states that you have to touch people an average of 15 times.
How can you do that? Learn here.

I know, the number seems high and excessive, but that is the way it is.

People are busy.

People have specific tools that allow them not to receive your call.

They even have tools which allow them not to see your email.


The key to success on working a list merely is persistence.

Today I want to share with you three keys and then an actual plan that can help you get success in working your lists.



Three things you need to understand when working your list:


1/        Most people who work lists, stop at about three tries.


            You can hear them typically saying things like:

                        This list is too cold.

                        This list is no good.

                        No one ever answers their phone.

                        This process doesn’t work.


            So, they pass on the prospect and move on.


            I learned this interesting fact many years ago.  Take the worse caller, who cannot talk well, and he/she will have success if they are persistent.  It’s just plain and simple truth.



2/        Good salespeople try to connect eight times, but by then, they too have had enough.


            Eight times use to be good enough to be successful in calling a list, but those days are now gone.  Moreover, today eight time is no longer enough.

            Today people are almost impossible to get hold of on the phone, but I said, almost.


            Again, we come back to persistence and how long you are going to keep trying.

            Remember, these are people who use and buy what you sell, so you need to keep going.



3/        Extra-ordinary people work the contact 15 times, and they get amazing results.

            It is hard

            It is tough

            It is extremely frustrating.

            But, it works.

            You keep trying, and finally, you do get through, and once through, you are a great salesperson, and soon you will be on your way to close.


Nov 9, 2018

We spend so much time, effort and energy on trying to gain new customers, that on many occasions we miss the biggest opportunities we have in our business.


Your existing customers already:

Know, like and trust you

Have spent money with you

Are easily accessible to you.


Yet, are you taking the time to reach out and try to sell to them?


If you already have a good base of customers.

If you have multiple products and services, then you can sell to your existing customer base.

Now, it is time for you to look at how to effectively upsell, cross-sell and resell your products and services to this base.


Today I want to cover just three of the keys to building your company, by using upselling, cross-selling and reselling as the foundation to grow your sales.


1/        Upsell

            Upsell is simply taking a customer who has already purchased a product/service at a certain level from you, and selling them something different that does more and costs more.  We might already do this at the time of the first sale, but do we do it later?


            The customer may have been using your product/service for a while and has come to understand how good it is in helping them achieve their goals. 

And, they might be ready for more.




            You are really growing, I think it is time you looked at our next level solution.


            Are you happy with the product or do you feel you need more?


            With the approaching service expansion, now is a great time to move you to the next level.



            You do not want to ever hear them say, “Sorry Manny, I went to these guys because their product did so much more, as I never knew you could do all that too.”


            Take the time to understand how they use your product/service, where they are going next and how they might need more from the service moving forward.


            Sometimes salespeople hesitate because they feel they might upset the client by trying to sell them more. Forget it. If you are taking the pulse of your customers at all times, you know them, they love you, and they are open to new products/services.


            Stop hesitating.



2/        Cross-Sell

            Cross-selling is merely taking a customer who buys one type of product or service and selling them other things you are offering.


            They initially bought this service, and they like it.

            Now, you need to go back and see if you can sell them one of the many other things you have on offer.

            You now have access to them because they are already a customer, so go and find out what else they need.

            If you take time to understand their business, it then becomes a natural process.


            I see you are using our product A, but do you also have a need in this other area?


            I see you are buying service A from another company, have you ever considered looking at our offering in this area?


            Based on what I can see, I feel you could really use this service to help you.


            Again, you never want to hear the words, “I didn’t know you provided that product/service.  If I did, I would certainly have bought from you.”



3/        Resell

            Getting a customer back who used to buy from you but is no longer active.


            They bought from you in the past and for some reason no longer buy from you.

            You might not even have been here when they were a customer.

            They might be unhappy where they are and would love to come back.

            They might just have fallen off the ‘grid.’


            I tell my clients, these are what we call “gold.”


            Get that past customer list out and start working on gaining them back.

            Yes, some may not be happy to hear from you, but usually, that is only a small number.


            If I am a new salesperson at a company, the first question I ask is, “can I have a list of people who use to buy from you?” As sometimes this is all I need to become the top salesperson.


            So, get the list.

            Connect with them.

            Tell them how much you have missed working with them.


            Maybe you didn’t get along with the old buyer, but let them know there is now a new one.

            Perhaps their needs have changed and how they really need your product.

            Perhaps they have wanted to come back, but you have never reached out.



            I have watched companies grow astronomically by utilizing these three practices effectively. Start a process today to spend time, energy and effort in making this work.

            Plus, with all the automation available today.  WOW!


Upselling, Cross-selling, and Reselling are three of the greatest ways to help grow your sales and your profits.


Ready to talk to Coach Manny for 15 minutes?

On a data/time that works for you.

Let’s set the call up, just click here to get started.


Nov 2, 2018

How good are you at building relationship that generate business.

Come with me as I interview on of the best at doing it.

Learn some offiline and online keys.


Oct 25, 2018

We have talked about consistency a number of times over the past few years.  We have talked about how it is extremely important to success.


In fact, if you watch my number one video at the link below you will join thousands of others who believe that consistency is really that important.


You will see why so many people believe it and use it in order to create success.


Today, I want to add one thing to consistency, which will make it even more powerful.  That secret ingredient is stretch.


If you are consistent and you stretch – you will be amazed by the results.  You will be amazed at how you take that goal and exceed it by miles.


Stretch is the magic ingredient that will make consistency explode with tangible results.


Let me share a couple of examples with you about consistency and stretch working together.


1/         Walking

I had a goal to walk 2 miles a day and thus 60-62 miles a month depending on the month.

Consistency of walking everyday would make this happen and achievable; however, the question is always, “what happens if you miss a day?”


So I added stretch, I walked 3 miles on the days I could, meaning that I stretched out my goal.


Now, when I missed a day, if I had two stretch days, I made it up and was immediately back on goal.


My results told the story.  I had a tough month and actually missed 7 walking days – my consistency was a bit off.  However, because I added stretch to it and walk 3 miles enough days, I actually ended the month at 67 miles, which meant I was five over target.


2/         Sales.

I need to meet face to face with 20 people a month to close the amount of business that my goal is set to.  If I have a target of meeting with a person every day, for an average of 20 work days a month, I will make my goal.


But again, we know life happens and so there will be days because of whatever reason, I do not do a one on one.

Yet, if I stretch some days and do 2 or even 3 on a day, I will match my goal, or I could even exceed my goal and reach a stretch goal of 25.


I implemented this and here is what happened.  I missed a few days, yet I got 26 one on one’s done, which is 6 over goal.  In total, this is 1 over my stretch goal.


Think about how you could apply this to the things you do in your life and business.

Debt payoff – consistency of paying $1,000 a month, to a stretch of $1,500.

Cold Calls – consistency of doing 50 calls a day, to a stretch of 75-100.


Define the consistency you need to accomplish.

Define the stretch you can do.

Then execute – you will be amazed.




Oct 15, 2018

Do you already have one in place in your business?


Referrals – are leads given to you by others such as the people you know and/or people you are doing business with. 


Want to watch The Coach discuss this in even more detail live?


We all know what they are.

We all know why they are important.

We all want them.


Yet, how often do we ask for them?

Do we have a formal process to make sure it happens in our business?


Most people never ask.

I am not sure why.

You have a good relationship.

If they are a customer, you have done a great job.

So, why would you hesitate in asking?


The best way to make this happen in your business is to put together a formal process defining how you ask for referrals.  Even if you are a one-person business. Define the process and then execute it.


So today I want to help you get started by helping you to make this happen in your business.

Here are three tips you can use to build an effective strategy.


1/      Start by defining when you are going to ask for a referral

         Teach this to yourself and your team.

         Define, “this is when you need to ask for a referral.”

         You don’t have to do all of these, but if you did one, it would make a difference.

         It would result in you gaining more business.

         A/     When you close the deal.

                   The customer is so excited about buying, so let them spread the news.

         B/      When you call back after delivery.

                   They have just received your product or service, they are a hot lead.

         C/      When they say no. 

                   Your product or service might not be right for them, but.

                   Do not fear, they will likely give you a lead, if you ask.

         D/     During the selling process.

                   Part of your process should be asking at certain stages.

         E/      After a certain period of time.

                   They should now be very happy with you, and your product/service should be working for them.

         F/      When you stop by.

                   Ask for a referral in part of the conversation.

         G/     When you are celebrating a sale.

                   You are all excited, So while you are confident, ask the question.

         H/     When the team is around

                   Others might pitch in and give you names.


2/      Define how you will ask for referrals to make it easy.

         These are just a sample, remember there are many ways to do it, but doing it is most important.

         Wait while they are filling in the data.  “No problem I can wait.”  “I prefer to wait.”  “I know you are a busy person and might never get around to doing it.”

                   You fill it out for them, add the data you already know, then ask them to complete the rest.

                   Don’t leave it with them, fill it out now.

                   Ask them to call and introduce you, in the cell phone world of today, would you mind just calling them right now and telling them I will try to connect.  They might even want to talk with you right now.

         Always go for 3.


         A/     Give them a sheet of paper.

                   Referrals from Joe Smith.

                            Name                  Phone         Email         Company




                   Thank you.

                   You can even fill in some of the data for them ahead of time.


         B/      Give them a link which they can click on, and it asks them

                   For 3 referrals.






         C/      Get your notebook or tablet out.

                   Ok, Jane, can you give me the name of 3 referrals that might be able to use


3/      Define why you have to ask for referrals.  This is what can make it really work.

         This is the most crucial piece.

         Why are you doing this?

         Because it is clearly the easiest way to get more sales.

         It changes a cold lead into a very warm lead.

         It takes almost no time to do.

         It works, it gets your more business, now.

         If you don’t ask, someone else, like your competitor might.

         If you don’t, you are leaving so much business on the table.


         Because you want to grow your top line, and this is the fastest way to do it.



"Could you introduce me to someone who just like you HAS THIS CRUCIAL NEED?



Ask them.

Humble yourself, it is OK.




"I need some additional business to build my company, is there anyone you know who could benefit from the same things you have benefitted from?"


And stop worrying about offending people.  If I do great work for you and/or you are a good friend, are you going to get mad if I ask you for a referral?  Of course not.


Here is a great quote from the Bible:

“Ask, and it shall be given you;

  seek, and ye shall find;

  knock, and it shall be opened unto you.”

                                   Matthew 7:7


But there is a second part to that passage I want you to remember: 


“For every one that asketh receiveth;

and he that seeketh findeth;

and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.”

                                    Matthew 7:8


So please start asking and watch what happens to that top line of yours.


Oct 8, 2018

When you try and get more done, manage your time and become more productive, it does come down to priorities.


All of us have way too much to do.

None of us can do it call.


Yet, most of us want to.

How do we make it happen?


Jump ahead and learn even more by watching this on video.

The Coach gives you so much more detail:



90 Days to Your Success helps you to put a form on it.

Yet it still requires you to make many tough decisions.


This is why most time management systems don’t work.

Because they overwhelm you with details.


They require you to become a detailed person and many of us are not.


Today I want to share with you 3 keys that will give you more time and help to make time work for you.


I have been here before, I failed, I learned, and I tried again.

I’m still not sure I’ve got it all, but I, just like you, keep on rolling.


1/        Automation

            Automate everything that can be automated.

            If a system can do it, then let the system do it.

            From simple reminders to the follow-up sequences of emails.

            If a system can do it, then so be it.

            If you are not sure, then do some research.


            I hear this story all the time from salespeople:  “The new CRM system is the biggest pain I have ever had.  I spend 2 hours a night catching up.  And the sad part is that after 6 months of doing it like they said – there’s no new sales.”


            Don’t automate just to automate.  Automate because it allows you time to do other stuff so you can increase your output.



2/        Delegate

            I heard a great piece of advice the other day on building a business.

            The question was, “who is the first person you need to hire in a business?”

            The answer was very simple: either a VA (virtual assistant) or a live assistant.

            One or the other.


            So many times we as business owners don’t see the need until it is so late that we are under the pile of junk with no way out.

            And even then, many still don’t see it.


            Get an assistant who can help you.

            Stop doing $15 an hour work.


            Start today and make this happen in your business.

First, make a list of everything you do as you do it over the next two weeks.

            Then go through the list and for each item ask, can it be done by someone else?

            If it can, then give it away to someone else.


            Stop saying you cannot afford it - find a way to afford it.  You can hire a VA for an hour a week.  Yes, as little as 1 hour a week can make a significant difference


            Stop making excuses, you will be amazed when you start doing the things you should be doing and someone else does everything else.  Your productivity goes sky high!



3/        Dump

            This is the easiest, yet it really is the hardest.

            Dump everything that doesn’t need to be done.

            You might come back later, but for now, dump it.


            As I write this article to you, I have to take this advice myself.


Automate it, delegate it, or dump it.

What is left is the stuff you really should be doing.

What you will find, what is left, is the stuff you excel at.


90 Days to Your Success gives you the framework to start seeing much of this.

To learn more, connect up with me for a 15-minute call at the best time for you.


Alternatively, learn more about the process here:




Sep 24, 2018

Back Again to look at more proof of this great advice from Mr. Paul Jeffers. 


Did you start going for the gold?

For the middle of the target?


Watch The Coach as he adds so much more to this article with a live presentation.


Did you get that project approved?

Did you get a higher percentage of the deal?

Did you sell the big one?


Remember what we told you last week

If you don’t' succeed, whose fault is it?



Today, let's take some time today and look at five more things we could and should do better.

Recap: the first five.

  1. Are we listening?


  1. Were we listening the last time the prospect said something?


  1. Did we ask for the order?


  1. When we did not close, did we try again?


  1. Are we comfortable with getting a “no?”


Now on with the show – here are this week’s five.


  1. Did we really believe the deal was ours when we walked in.

            Before we walk in.

            Were we that confident

            Was it written all over us.

            Did we look the part – the professional?


  1. Do we really understand that thing call being “humble.”

            Shut up and listen.

            Stand up and be strong when you must.



  1. Did we make it that good that the prospect could not refuse to buy.

            Did we present it right?

            Did we highlight the right things? (because we knew, because we listened).

            Because we knew the buyers real needs?


  1. Did we sell “us.”

            If the prospect did not buy us – we are crazy to think he/she would buy the product.

            All things being even people buy from people they like – we all know that.

            But, all things not being equal – people still buy from people they like.


  1. Do we really think we needed all these things?

            That we need to think, practice, work it and ask for the deal.

            Or did we think we were too good for that?

            Practice?  Me?  I am a professional?

            Professionals practice more than anyone else – maybe that is why they are professionals.


If you are not closing the deal – then take some real time to look at these.


Failure Creates Success

Remember what Paul Jeffers said:

“Failure to Hit the Bull's-eye is Never the Fault of the Target.”


First you have to admit you are not hitting the target, or you are not hitting it as well as you want.

Second, give me a call and let’s set up 15 minutes to have that initial discussion.

No obligation, no pressure.

At a time that works best for you.


Sep 17, 2018

Great piece of advice from Mr. Paul Jeffers. 


Think about it, the target is simply an inanimate object.

Think about the targets in your life, things you are trying to hit.  How are you doing?


Get that raise?

Close that customer?

Get approval to move forward?

If you don’t' succeed, whose fault is it?


Further Mr. Jeffers added:  “Failure to buy is never the fault of the prospect.”

So stop blaming them and start doing what needs to be done.


We spend a great deal of time trying to get people to believe it is anyone's fault but our own.


Watch this in Video form:


Let's take some time today and look at the first 5 things we could and should do better.  The second 5 we will give you next week.


  1. Are we listening?

            Do we really hear what is being said or do we hear what we want to hear?

            Or do we hear at all?


  1. Were we listening the last time the prospect said something?

            Listening, not trying to figure the answer.

            Listening, not trying to develop a strategy.

            Listening, not waiting for a break so we could talk.


  1. Did we ask for the order?

            Not dance around it.

            Not play with it.

            Are you ready to buy today?

            When can we schedule delivery?

            Or simply – are you going to buy or not?


  1. When we did not close, did we try again?

            Did we try a different way?

            Did we practice beforehand and were we ready for whatever the prospect did?


  1. Are we comfortable with getting a “no?”

            Or do we like to dance around the question?

            Never really ask?

            Better to walk out without an answer than with a “no” - wrong.


Did you close the deal or not.

If not, then you better think and work these 5.

Next week we will give you the second 5.


Failure Creates Success

Sales comes from working hard and working smart.

From trying and trying and trying again.

Are you doing the right things, the right way?

Are you closing the deal?

If not, we should talk.


Remember what Paul Jeffers said:

“Failure to Hit the Bull's-eye is Never the Fault of the Target.”





Sep 10, 2018

Today, let me walk you through 3 things that can help you increase your sales.  Yes, it is very basic – fundamentals.  However, just like the great athletes, fundamentals win the game.  That is why the real stars are always practicing fundamentals before the game.

Make sure yours are extraordinary.


Sep 3, 2018

Have you ever felt like this at the end of the day, “what did I get done today?”

It seems like nothing.


Or perhaps you have taken the time to reflect on the day and have felt like a pinball – bouncing all over the place. If you remember how a pinball machine works you shoot the ball and then it hits all the bouncing stuff, then you flip it up and it does it again.  Does a pinball resemble a  picture of your day at times?


to look at your list and wonder – “isn’t this list bigger than when the day first started?”


This is the classic problem – there is way too much in your basket.


One of the keys to success is simply this:  Figure out not just what you need to get done today – but what you can actually get done.


Last week we talked about getting things done – what I hoped was that you had a look at the 90 Days to Your Success process.

If not, here is the link, why don’t you check it out today? 


Today, I want to talk about how to set up your basket.


Here are 3 tips that will help you arrange your basket, so that you can achieve success in your life, business and career.



1/        Determine what you want to get today – do this the night before.


Create a simple list for tomorrow, or perhaps you have a list of things you need to get done (a to-do list), so you can just pull off what you want to do tomorrow.


It can at times be overwhelming when we look at our “to do list.”

I can’t get all that done.

Even if apply myself.

Even if I rush.

Even if I give myself less time for each task.


Does this sound like you? Okay, then it is too much.

First, you need to accept that fact and start to dump stuff off the list, things you know you are never going to get to.

Just do it.


We have this crazy fear that we might get everything on the list done and have nothing left to do. 

Now I ask you, has that ever happened to you?



2/        Schedule your day.

            Now you need to put each of the things in your basket on your schedule for the day.

            So many of your to-do lists will not contain how long it is going to take or how much time you want to spend on it today. – you need to have this on the list for each item, and not in your head.


            From this exercise, you can also see that when you match your calendar to the tasks, but you still may need to dump some more jobs.


Remember also to schedule what is called, “catch up” blocks.

These are 30-minute blocks during your day in which you schedule a specific time to catch up.

Yes, now put them on your calendar.


Also, remember to schedule any unexpected times (or events).  Some of you will have a lot of unexpected events that you need to work with every day.  Get it on your calendar.  Account for the time.  Understand it affects you getting things done.



3/        Track and understand what really happened during your day.


            At the end of the day – go back and take time to understand how it really turned out.


            Why didn’t it things happen the way you planned?  Or why did they?

            What got in the way of your doing your tasks?  Was it really more important?

            Is there a pattern that starts to develop over the weeks?

            What can I do about it in the future?


            Reflect on this information.

            It will help you in building your plan for tomorrow.




Put less in your basket tomorrow.  You will soon learn this, and it will be amazing how much more you actually get done.


If you need help – that is what the 90 Days to Your Success tool is all about.

            Helps you get things done.

            Cuts procrastination

            Produces consistent results.


Aug 28, 2018

Success means knowing what you are going to do, when, and for how long.

It means you do what you know you need to do, when you need to do it.

It means you control the game.


And it means you know the “why”!


Yet so many of us do not control the game and know the why.


So many of us are reactive instead of proactive.


We start the day with good intentions, but we never finish it that way.


Today I want to examine 3 keys to help you in making this happen in your life.


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1/         What

            What are you going to do today?


This is the first part of our 90 days process - we help you build a plan for each week.

            This gives you a list of the things you are planning to do this week.

            Now each evening you look at the list and determine what things you are going to get done tomorrow.

            I know it sounds so simple – yet it causes pain for so many.

            If you have a meeting – no problem, they are easy.

            But if you have to get something done, could you do it another day?


            What are you going to do on this list and tomorrow?

            If for some great reason you actually do finish everything on your daily list, you can go back and get more stuff from the weekly list.


            When I asked Jane to do this, her response to me was simple, “I am going to go into the office in the morning, look at my list and see what I need to do.”  The success factor that we try and teach all of you is simply this - if you put the list together the night before, something happens as you sleep… you subconsciously plan it out.  Then you get so much more done.



            Action item:  Every evening, go through your weekly list and pick what you are going to do tomorrow.  Don’t pick too much, but be fair with yourself.


            If you have the 90 Days to Your Success program, this is very easy to do.



2/         When.

            When today are you going to do each of the things on your list?

            Scheduling the day seems to make people so uncomfortable.



            We all grew up with schedules.

            If you have ever been in the military, you understand this very well.

            If you have ever been an organized sports or arts participant, you know this very well.

            Why don’t you do it for your day?

            You do it for meetings.

            You do it for appointments.

            If you schedule your work the same way you schedule meetings, you will be amazed at what happens.  Also not just scheduling, but committing the time in your mind and on paper.


            You should have your day laid out and know exactly what you are going to do tomorrow and when you are going to do it.

            Yes, you might have to build in some catch-up blocks for the unexpected. Nonetheless, you still get most of it done.

            Stop saying you can’t.

            If you use our 90 Days to Your success Process – this piece is part of it.


            I ask Sam about doing this and he said, “but my day is so crazy that I would never stick to it.”  My response was, “you can get things done two ways, you control it, or someone else does.”  I don’t want anyone else controlling my day – do you?


            Assignment: for each day prepare schedule the night before and commit to it.



3/         Why

            Why are you doing it?

            This is the key to actually making this work for you.


            We fill our task list with all these things but many times we do not understand why we put them on there.  Then we leave them on there!

            It is key that for each thing on your list, you understand why you are doing it.


            Yes, it might be simply because the boss has to have it.

            However, many of you are working for yourself, so the only boss is you – hello?


            If you cannot find a reason for doing something, then dump it.

            If you use this process with your to-do list, you might just be surprised at how much of the list goes away.


            One key to effective time management is to do the highest priority items first.

            If you ask why, you might just get those priority items toward the top of the list.




            Again, when I asked Jean to do this to her list, she simply looked at me and said, “it is on my list so I have to do it, the why is because it is on my list.”  Don’t get sucked into this.  If it was important yesterday, that whole reason may be gone today.


            Your assignment:

            For your list, ask the “why” question for each item.

            You might be able to delegate it.
               Or better, dump it.


            The key is to help you get much more done.

            In one of our upcoming articles, we will be discussing how to make your 1-year goals in 3 90 Day to Your Success blocks.

            Then what would we do in the final one?

            That one is all profit.


            To learn more about 90 Days to Success, watch this video


            Go to this page.



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Aug 21, 2018

How much time goes into planning? Now, as you know, I am a strong supporter of planning, but only if it results in action.


Action creates results.

Strategy is important.

Tactics tell you how.

But if you are not getting this done, then what good is it?

You as the leader must make it happen; either you do it, or you have someone else do it.


I always say give me 2 people who can get it done and I will run circles around 10 thinkers.


I’ve been working recently with an amazing young intern who gets this principle and applies it in his work. P/T, he runs circles around full-time people. 


You see, it isn’t about what you are going to do – it is about what you do.


Today I have 3 points to help you start applying this and getting more done.


1/         Have a driving force.

            Something that makes you get up and no matter what, go forward.


            A goal.

            When I got out of the USMC I had one goal that I had to accomplish and I let nothing stand in my way or slow me down - get a degree in accounting (I know, I don’t seem like an accountant). I let nothing stop me from that goal. I got married, had a daughter and had a full-time job, but each day I got up with focus and took action.


What is that driving force in your life? Many times we lose it and then wonder why we are not doing more.


Assignment: Define that goal in your life.



2/         Love what you do.

            Notice I did not say do what you love!

            Some will never get there. 

But if you look at it and love it, you will do it so much better.


            I messed up when I was a young high school kid working at the local tree nursery. I had a great job supervising a team that was picking weeds, then got myself in trouble and ended up trimming trees and digging plants. Unless you have done that in the hot summer, you will never know how hard it is.


            But at the end of the summer my boss, a real tough guy, said to me, “You are an amazing worker. You are the only kid I ever worked with that got so much done and worked so well.”

            You see, I loved what I did and did it well. Surely it was not what I loved, but I made myself love it.


Assignment:  Start loving what you do and do it so much better.



3/         Take control.

            Every day you know what you are going to do and then you do it.

            Don’t make excuses.

            I get interrupted all the time – guess who lets that happen?

            Close your door.

            Work from home.

            Get out of the office and go to the local coffee shop.


            Are you leading or are you bleeding?


            Excuses are – never mind.


            Assignment: Find something you have been giving up control on and take it back.



We all need to stop letting things get in our way – and get done today what we planned to do.


Take back control.

Do what you said you were going to do.

Make a commitment to YOU!


Now, I hope this has fired you up. Some of you I might have just made mad. Get over it.


We have a great new tool that can help you make this happen in your life, business and career.

90 Days to Your Success.

Learn more by clicking the link below.

Aug 13, 2018

Are you ready to double your sales?

Are you ready to double your profit?

Are you ready to take your business to the next level of success?



Let’s start today by looking at the first 5 keys that you need to look at to make this happen.


1/        WHO!

            Who are you are selling to?

            Don’t tell me everybody, because that really means nobody.


            How well have you defined your target market?

            Sales volume, number of employees, position, age, sex, income?

            In answering, the ‘who’ has to be very tight.

            In fact, the tighter your ‘who’ is, the greater your opportunity to double your sales.


            Action:  Sit down and create a very tight list of the ‘who’, defined as clearly as you can.


2/        WHAT!

            What is it that you are selling?

            I know you might think this a crazy question, but so many people cannot put it in terms that I, as the potential buyer, need to know.

            If I, as the potential buyer, cannot understand the what – then am I ever going to buy?

            You might sell many things, but what is your key product?


            If you sell insurance – which type is the lead product?

            If you sell computer support – which is the lead service?

            If you sell printing – what is your lead product?


            Action:  Sit down and create a priority list defining what you sell.


3/        WHERE!

            Geographically, where are you targeting your business?

            I could say I sell worldwide.

            But I do not market what I offer worldwide.


            Especially today, with local marketing on the web, this is critical to generating the greatest value from your investment.

            Most people don’t think about this, but you should.


            Action: Determine the answer.


4/        HOW!

            Now this is the one that takes all the work.

            Do you have a sales process?

            From initial contact to close and beyond.

            Is it documented?

            Have you tested it?


            This is where most entrepreneurs make one of their biggest mistakes.  They try and bring in a sales rep before they even have a sales process.  Then, they wonder why it did not work.


            Action: Build a process.  You can do the initial one yourself, in just very simple terms, then get some help in.  This is one of the things we do for your clients.


5/        WHY

            Why are you selling this product/service?

            This is the WOW!

            Why should I, as the buyer, get excited?

            Are you as the seller excited?

            Can you really tell me, with passion, why I should buy this product?


            Forget need – people don’t buy what they need – they buy what they want.

Aug 6, 2018

The 90 days to you success process is a new way of looking at your life. 


Are you ready to learn how to give yourself less time and achieve tremendous results?


Are you ready to learn how to be distracted far less?


Are you ready to things done regardless of the roadblocks?


Jul 30, 2018

How many of us get so stretched out that at times we wonder where we are and what we are doing? Life can get just a bit crazy when we attempt to do too many things and we end up not doing any of them very well.


Today I want to talk about focus and about how we can use this great skill to take our businesses, lives and careers to new levels of success.


Jul 27, 2018

Bonnie works with holistic-minded individuals to become successful entrepreneurs by creating a comprehensive online presence that reaches people around the world.  

Jul 23, 2018

Live video is exploding in the market today.

Facebook is going crazy with the stuff.

This author is now doing a daily live piece to help people be more successful.

I am getting amazing connections because of the visibility.


What are you doing with Live Video?

Are you integrating it into your sales process?

Why not?

Jul 16, 2018

If you are not increasing sales, you are decreasing sales.

I can tell you from my own experience.


As long as you are consistently growing sales you have a massive ability to stay in business.

When I look at companies that I have had the pleasure of working with over the years….

Some have grown 100, 200, 500 and even 1000%.

Some not that high.

But all have been growing.


You see, if you are not growing, you are dying.


Even in a bad economy.

Even during the downtime.

Focus on growing, put all-out effort into it and you will grow.


Today let’s talk about what you need to always be increasing your sales.

Jul 10, 2018

The problem with many organizations today is that they have bought into this “Ready, Fire, Aim”.
Which is a great process that I myself totally support.
The problem, however, is that they have failed to be “Ready”.
Are you truly ready?
Today I want to spend some time talking about how you get ready.
What do you need to do to get ready?
What are the steps in getting ready in the sales and marketing process?

Jun 25, 2018

All of us, even those of us in the business of lead generation and helping companies to increase sales, get overwhelmed by the new shiny object syndrome.  (everything looks so good). 


Daily I listen to many podcasts in my car, or while I am walking.  Most of these are centered on increasing sales.  Most are centered on some tool, some process or something new that Facebook or Instagram or Linkedin is doing and it can help increase sales.


However, the question is always, which way do I go?

Should I buy this right now?

Should I do it this week or next week?

How does it fit into my strategic and tactical plans?


But don’t feel like the Lone Ranger out there because you are not.

This is simply what the playing field looks like today.

At Coach Manny and Targeted Lead Generation, one thing we try and do is bring all this to you.  We get you to look at how this fits your strategic and tactical plans going forward.


No one can do it all, but we try to do as much as we can to help you find the right solution.  In our consulting practice we try and understand, “what is the best tool(s) for you, how long should you stay with them, and how do you stop all the static.  Further, how does it all mesh with your strategic and tactical plans?


Today I just want to hit a couple of points related to this. 

What is the best tool(s) for you?

How do you stop all the static and not get sucked in?

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